Thursday, January 1, 2015


This is not the first time I've tried to do this blog thing. My original first post was going to be a prospectus of sorts, outlining what it is I intend to accomplish in this blog and why reading it wouldn’t be a waste of a reader’s time. But that's just my academic impulse to justify what I’m doing, particularly in terms of rectifying some oversight or filling a particular niche.  This, however, is a blog, and the subject being interesting to me is justification enough. So there’s going to be a lot about my various homebrew projects, some reflection on my current campaign, and some analysis of literature, both gaming literature and the fiction that inspires it.  

I hope readers coming here get out of this blog what I got out of so many great OSR/DIY D&D blogs over the years: a tingling in my imagination parts, a creative kick in the ass, and an expanded sense of what the game we love can do.

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