Friday, January 23, 2015

Poe's Names

This isn’t a comprehensive list of every Poe character ever but a collection of the more evocative names, drawn mainly from his poems. The most famous aren’t here (no Lenore or Annabel Lee), nor are the more obvious historical figures (Tamerlane). Some of these names sound like they belong in a sword and sorcery setting (Ulalume, Yaanel), which makes sense considering Poe’s influence on the Weird writers, while others will lend a more traditionally Gothic flavor.

d20 Name
       1.      Ulalume
       2.      Eiros
       3.      Israfel
       4.      Ianthe
       5.      Mendez Ferdinando
       6.      Solomon Don Dunce
       7.      Eulalie
       8.      Irene
       9.      D'Elormie
       10.  Isidore
       11.  Guy de Vere
       12.  Alessandra
       13.  Castiglione
       14.  Lalage
       15.  Jacinta
       16.  Baldazzar
       17.  Auber
       18.  Yaanel
       19.  Ligeia
       20.  Angelo

Speaking as a player, naming my character is often the hardest part of character creation. It's tempting to always go with a goofball name just because it's always easier to be funny than to try to come up with something serious that just ends up being dumb. I like having a list of "flavorful" names to choose from so that I can fit into the overall concept of the campaign and not worry about drawing a blank at character creation and ending up with Crack Skullgood, first level fighter. Something like this sword & sorcery nation generator from Chris Kutalik, but for character names, would be even better than a simple list of names. 

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